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We’ve worked with Barratt London for many years now, and in that time, they’ve enjoyed the benefits that engaging video content can bring to their sales pipeline.

Then in Spring 2018, they came to us with a new challenge.

The Challenge

Barratt London needed a way to engage with their customers throughout the purchase funnel.  Video content was needed for use in sales suites, as well as on Barratt's website and social pages.

However, the company had a two issues.


Firstly, many of their new developments were still in the construction phase.  The beautiful showhomes were open at each development, however everything else was a building site.


Secondly, research suggested that their target audience didn’t have a great knowledge of what was available in the local area around each development.

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"Our new promotional videos have been invaluable to us and deliver a very visual, captivating story of what Barratt offers and represents"

Stuart Hensby

International Marketing Manager

Barratt London

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"Transmission is a fantastic agency who always make a difference for us; they continually bring out the best in our brand and are a delight to work with"

Laura Cole

Development Marketing Manager

Barratt London

The Solution

Working closely with the Barratt London sales team, we combined both challenges together to create a solution. 


We created a film for each development which showcased the lifestyle available to potential buyers both in the showhome and surrounding area.

After visiting each development and gaining a deep understanding of its benefits and challenges, we got to work on scripts.


We promoted that development’s transport connections, shopping destinations, leisure areas, exercise opportunities and entertainment venues.


And when we moved into filming, we used steady-rigs, aerial filming, 4K cameras and actors to bring the story to life.  The focus of the production was on quality, with an eye on creating multiple assets for each development in order to deliver a whole variety of content for Barratt London to use throughout the purchase funnel.

The Results

Over the course of the past 18 months, we have produced video content for 12 Barratt sites across London.

In this time, the company has seen a marked uplift in sales enquiries.  The increase varies between 10% to 25% across its sites.

This is the result of a well thought-out and well executed presence on social media and on the company website, allowing potential visitors the opportunity to answer their own questions wherever they may be within the journey to purchase.

The perception of each development has also improved dramatically, with customers developing a knowledge of the area before they come for a viewing.

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"Production values are excellent.  Shoots are well managed and stress free, and the client relationship management is first-class"

Philip Child

Development Marketing Manager

Barratt London

Case Study Film

Find out what Barratt London have to say about working with Transmission by clicking the video below.

Barratt International - Case Study LQ
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